Becoming Anthropologists: Student Voices and Research

We are excited to announce the ANSA panel for the 2021 AAS Conference, which will be held online from 24 November to 2 December 2021. The Call for Papers is now open, and closes on 16 August 2021. 


This panel invites papers from any student anthropologists and provides space for them to engage with and reflect upon their own research. Postgraduate students who have not yet found their niche or whose field of research falls outside the scope of particular themes often find it difficult to present their work. This panel therefore aims to provide a space for the myriad topics and ideas with which student anthropologists grapple. We encourage students at various stages of their research to propose a paper that engages with some of their key research. Paper which are co-authored with supervisors will also be accepted.

The past year and a half have had an immense impact on anthropology, and students have had to overcome many hurdles to continue (or postpone) their research. This experience has amplified the restrictions and precarity of postgraduate students (and Early Career Researchers). This, along with a number of critical socio-political events – Black Lives Matter, Indigenous deaths in custody, the plight of asylum seekers, the eruption of settler colonial violence and war in Israel/Palestine, to name only a few – have highlighted the desire and discomfort for student anthropologists to use their voice and apply their anthropological knowledge to critical analyses of these events.

As such, this panel aligns with the ANSA Workshop in that it encourages the expression of student voice and student work. We look forward to proposals from presenters which explore their own exciting and enriching research.