Get to know the ANSA Executive in a little more detail:

Ivan Levant: Chair Person
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Ivan Levant is currently researching the confluence of poetry and anthropology at the University of Queensland, where he co-founded the Anthropology Society. Ivan is an artist who has performed at numerous festivals across Australia and currently works as an Arts Worker at AccessArts. In 2019 Ivan has filmed and edited a short film ‘Equitable Human Assertion’ featuring the work of artiste-anthropologist Dr Gina Athena Ulysse. Ivan ran multiple theatre and poetry workshops, including poetry lab at The Australian Anthropology Society’s 2021 conference. In 2022, Ivan’s essay won Revitalizing Graduate Student Challenge from the Centre of Public Anthropology exploring the concept of Artist-Scholar Mutual Mentorship Networks. Ivan loves bringing together people, ideas and creativity, wishing to do so for ANSA.

Ainslee Hooper: SECRETARY
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Ainslee Hooper graduated from Deakin University in 2015 with an Honours Degree in Anthropology. She commenced a PhD in 2021 but stepped away for mental health reasons in 2022. Ainslee continues her love of anthropology as ANSA Secretary and in her consultancy business.

As an applied anthropologist, Ainslee specialises in disability inclusion and will be chairing a panel with Ivan Levant  concerned with how we can #BuildBackBetter after the pandemic for a more inclusive society.

Elizabeth Fewster: MEDIA OFFICER
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Elizabeth Fewster recently graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours. Her thesis examined vaccine hesitancy, paediatric vaccine decision making, and health communications. Other areas of study include gender studies, global health systems, philosophy. Her writing  explores the intersections between culture, the body, knowledge, and power.

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Liz Hydesmith is a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Manitoba, in the central Canadian city of Winnipeg. Liz also has a Master of Public Administration from the University of Manitoba, a Master of Public Health from the University of New South Wales and a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nursing) from the University of Sydney. She has many years of
experience in regional, state, and national health service and management of public health and knowledge translation agencies in the not-for-profit and public sector in Canada and Australia. She is also a trained English Additional Language instructor. For Liz, all of this past experience draws her to the intersection of health, political, social and cultural anthropology where she can begin to contemplate factors influencing how people live and experience life and being well in communities. Liz is currently working with researchers and others engaging an “Indigenous two-eyed seeing” approach to understand the journey of Indigenous Canadians living with HIV as they experience the HIV care cascade in Manitoba. Her particular focus explores health
care providers’ perspectives through an anthropological lens.


Dr Catherine West recently completed a PhD at Deakin University, Australia. Her thesis looked at the post-independence transformation of Colombo, Sri Lanka, in terms of the urban environment, social formation and religion. Catherine shares her time between anthropological research, consulting in the social services sector, and running a small French bistro.