Australian Bushfires Statement

Whether you have been left homeless through fire, are close to, or know someone affected, have been reminded of previous traumatic bushfires, or are simply heartbroken witnessing the catastrophe of what is happening to our fauna and flora; all of us can acknowledge that the Anthropocene is well and truly here. We cannot ignore the reality: we are part of a deadly climate crisis caused by a broken system. Now, more than ever, Anthropology is needed to record stories, and convey the experiences of people, creatures and environments ravaged by these extreme fires. We invite contributions from you writing on this topic, as we slowly work through its significance. We also welcome visual contributions in the form of ethnographic photos or artwork on this issue. 

- Hanne Worsoe & Leela Ford
ANSA Exec 2020

Written in Meanjin/Brisbane, home to the Jagera/Yagera and Turrbal people. This land was never ceded.